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Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's a Duck's Life

There's a lot going on in the Duck household, which has prevented me from posting anything recently. This one will be a hodgepodge of things that are worth a mention.

Earlier this week I booked our flight to Las Vegas. We fly out of Love Field in Dallas on June 27th and return July 4th. We use a Southwest Visa card for almost all of our purchases (groceries, gas, electric, health insurance, etc) and use our points to fly on their airline. We haven't paid cash for a flight in several years. Nice. I will play in the WSOP ($1,000 buy-in NLHE tournament) on Sunday the 28th.

My mother continues to battle lung cancer and got a good report from her oncologist last month. She still requires a fair amount of care to be able to stay at home. It puts a bit of pressure on both myself and my sister as we try to manage her care and keep our business running. But, Mom isn't cooling her heels in a care facility, so that's a good thing.

Ms. Duck's father was diagnosed with alzheimers three years ago. The disease has progressed enough that he had to be put in a care facility last month. We traveled to the facility in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where she visited him for the first time since he was moved there. It was very emotional, but I thought she handled it well. It's heartbreaking to look into someone's eyes that you've known all of your life and realize he doesn't have any idea who you are.

It was also strange to drive by all the casinos in Lake Charles and not go in for a few hands :)

We buried my father 16 years ago today. A long, sad day.

Daughter and Son
My daughter is engaged to a Captain in the Army. He's a good one and I hope it'll be a long and mutually fulfilling relationship for them both. She is scheduled to receive her Master's degree in December and they will marry next April.

My son is also walking the stage. He'll receive his Bachelor's in August. I'm very proud of both of them.

Ms. Duck is now working as a fiduciary for military veterans that are unable to handle their own affairs. She's able to work from home and although it doesn't pay nearly as much as she made with State Farm, it's nice to have the income...umm...incoming.

And of course, we had a little taste of the Old West in Waco this week. Obviously, we take our parking spots seriously in Texas. 

Well, that's enough for now.

Read through the material a couple of times, There will be an exam.


  1. Thanks for the life update. You have a lovely family and are blessed.

  2. Bittersweet times. Great about mom. Sad for your wife going through what we all dread. Losing a love one twice it seems.

    Saw Waco on the news and thought of you. Your Matt and Chester seem to have gotten it as right as possible. Now if Judge Bean is handy... :)

  3. sooooooo close to decriminalizing the ganja too. glad yr mom is doing better

  4. Congrats on your kids and on the Vegas trip. Someone else to sweat... :)