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Monday, March 23, 2015

One to Go

Yeah, I know its been a while since we've visited on the corner of Poker St, and Sports Betting Av, but as we say in the south, "ya git whacha pay fer."

Our Vegas or Bust Poker League met on Friday the 13th for the eleventh of twelve league tournaments. I have a slight lead over Tin Man and a little bigger one over Stamps and Ranger Rick, and my goal for this night was to finish ahead the three players who could knock me out of my WSOP seat.

Alas, it was not to be.

For those of you just now boarding this train, our league is vying for two seats to the World Series in Las Vegas this summer. Second place is as good as first, so the goal is to either win or place (that's a little horse racing lingo for ya!).

Our starting ten was whittled down to five quickly, but none of the villains mentioned above fell on his sword.

We stayed at five for a loooong time. This is the third year we've played the league and I think some of the other players have figured out that this league is about survival. That means a lot of nitty play.

Finally, Tin Man found a hand he liked and pushed with K-J but ran into Stamps pocket aces. A king on the flop and jack on the turn kept him in the game. It was the start of half a dozen hands where the underdog pulled out a win and avoided the dreaded toe tag.

Unfortunately, Stamps knocked me out in fifth. I open pushed from the small blind with pocket nines and found myself flipping against A-J. The Samurai jack appeared on the flop and I felt the pain of the steel blade as my chips were dragged away.

Tin Man was next to go, followed by Stamps and Ranger Rick, leaving Big Daddy was the last man standing.

Although I didn't accomplish my goal, at least I didn't lose too much ground. After putting a pencil to it, I determined that a sixth place finish in our final tournament next month will seal the deal for me. With that in mind, I'll do my best to avoid mixing it up in any big pots early. I'm figuring that Tin Man and I will have targets on our backs.

CLICK HERE for the latest standings.

Till next time, win the flips.