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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Texas Lottery Chronicles- "Solid Gold"

 Today's $5 scratch-off ticket is titled "Solid Gold." According to the headline on the ticket we can win up to 20 times! What it doesn't mention is that we can also lose up to 20 times. Ticket odds are 3.24-1, so we have an uphill battle.

To score on our ticket, we have to match one of our numbers with the "Winning" numbers on the upper half of the layout. Should a "$" symbol appear, we win the prize and if a "$$" shows, our prize amount doubles.

 "Yeah Baby!!!"

Cross your we go!

After scratching-off the top row, it looks like we can change the headline to "Win Up To 15 Times!" No matches to be seen here.

On to line #2.

Well, that line sucked. Halfway thru and this ticket is bringin' the pain. Let's hope for a strong second half!

Looks like another whiff on the third line, so now we're down to a "Hail Mary" pass to see if we can pull a couple bucks out of this sucker.

And our desperation pass is incomplete and we have to deal with another losing ticket. At least the state of Texas adds a few coins to the coffers. Image how much they could make if gambling was legalized here.

"What about lotto tickets?" you ask. Well, obviously scratch offs are a game of skill, otherwise allowing them would be hypocritical of the state. Duh.

Time to give this loser a proper burial.

Till next time, hope yours is a winner!

Tickets                       9
Winners                     2
Investment             $45.00
Winnings                $15.00
Net                      ($30.00)


  1. about time 4 a lotto post. 2 bad u lost. next time a viking funeral happy thanksgiving. OPEN CARRY TEXAS, BABY!!!!!!!! p.s. Happy Hump dAY

  2. Better luck next time...if Texas legalized casinos LV would start crying immediately...Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico would suffer big time.