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Saturday, December 21, 2013

NFL Picks Contest- Week 16 Picks

Here are the picks for this week. Looks like there will be some movement in the standings.

lightning36- Seattle
TwoMinuteWarning- San Francisco
Full House- Denver
Music City Momma- Detroit
Coach- Kansas City
MOJO-  San Francisco
Vegas Vic- Denver
Captain Crunch- San Francisco
cokeboy99- Seattle
One&Done- Detroit
angerisagift- Cleveland

Good luck!!!


  1. Lots of picks that looked good this week. I am guessing my reign at the top of the leaderboard might be short lived.

    1. Hard to tell in the NFL. It seems like almost every game comes down to the last drive. Somewhere Pete Rozelle is smiling.

      Seahawks at home should be a good pick.

  2. My San Francisco vote was more of an anti-Atlanta vote -- they have been pathetic this year. GL to all.

  3. I thought Seattle was a safe pick, especially with Arizona having injury issues on offense, but there might be a monster pick out there ...