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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Reason For Optimism At Full Tilt?

Subject:Poker is reporting that legendary casino operator Jack Binion is close to completing a deal to purchase a "significant portion of Full Tilt Poker." Apparently, Phil Ivey was present at the negotiations, which took place in Ireland, and left with a smile on his face.

Does all this mean that US players will get their money? It's too early to say, but it certainly won't hurt our chances. With that in mind I'm increasing the chances to 40% that Full Jilt will pay.

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  1. Does all this mean that US players will get their money?

    I think it does. If they don't refund the money, their image is shot. Who would play there?

  2. @ MOJO- I don't think I'll play at FT in the future, pay or no pay, unless they have a new majority ownership take over that cleans up the mis-management they are experiencing now.

  3. I miss Tilt. I am sorry that things turned out the way they have.

  4. @lightning- Maybe a new owner (white knight) will come in and straighten out this mess and we can play at FT again one day. I don't see how they can operate in the US under the current management team.

  5. I agree with Memphis. Their company image is definitely at stake here. Going further into poker and legislation, legalizing online poker should be made. Doing so will prevent the collapse of companies such as the one stated. It all makes sense- more players will yield more money.

  6. @ learn poker- I imagine FT will be okay weather online poker is approved in the US or not. They have a good following around the world that has held steady for the past few weeks. But, I do think online poker will be approved fairly quickly here. Our government is up to their butts in debt and are looking for new revenue streams. They have a bird nest on the ground with poker.

    Thanks for posting!