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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lucki Duck Has the Crabs!

We had nine players show for Tin Man's $5 NLHE tournament last night.

I got off to a slow start when I lost my about 25% of my stack early in the tourney. I had A9 in the BB and checked. I made TPTK with the 9 high flop and bet a little over 1/2 pot. Philly Phanatic called and Josh, who had limped from the SB, folded.

The turn was a 6 and I led out again. Philly thought for a minute, then called. The river was a 4, which completed a gut-shot straight for anyone who had a 5. I checked and Philly bet 1/3 pot. I called with my top pair, but got beat by Philly's pocket fives.

I went card-dead for a couple of rounds and mentioned to the table that I was gonna start whining if I didn't start getting some playable hands. It must have worked, because the next two hands were AK sooooted, and AQ. I flopped top two with Big Slick and managed to get it all in on the turn against Big Daddy's gutter straight draw. His J didn't hit and I had a much needed double-up!

I raised 4X from the SB with Big Chick (had one limper in front) and took down the pot pre-flop.

Sonny Boy, Philly Phanatic and I got ITM, with Sonny getting felted first when he pushed 98 offsuit after whiffing the flop. Philly had been folding to almost every c-bet, but called with his flush draw (J5). Sonny hit his 9 on the river, but unfortunately for him, it was a diamond, giving Philly his flush.

Philly had a slight chip lead heads-up, but with blinds at $50-100T and only $900 in play, we decided to chop it, rather than playing bingo for the top prize.

In the $2 cash game, I was dealt the crabs (pocket 3's) twice and hit my set both times!


I doubled up on the first one, and tripled up on the second!


Overall, I came out a $23 winner.

On the internet scene, I have been three tabling the $10 and $11-18 man tourneys on Full Tilt. So far this week I'm up about $35.

I think I'm playing pretty well,and would be up more if not for some sick beats. The worst was at the second level of a $10 tournament (blinds $20-40T), when a regular, who I had determined from previous experience, played very tight early in tourneys, re-shoved my early position raise. I had KK and was afraid of aces, but there's no way I can fold here.

The villian tables QQ, but hits a Q on the flop. Then, just to piss on my grave, FT gives him ANOTHER Q on the turn. Gotta love it!

Anyhoo, I'll stick with my plan to play at the $10-11 level as long as I can make a little scratch!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy trails.

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