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Friday, August 12, 2016

Vegas or Bust Poker League- Season Five

There were ten of us who formed the Vegas or Bust Poker League in 2011. The goal of the league was to send two players to the WSOP in Las Vegas the following summer. As the years have past, we have lost several of our original members, but have managed to find new players and keep the league alive.

After winning a seat in each of the first three seasons, I was unable to keep my streak alive last year. Although I played well enough to be in the thick of things throughout the season, I missed three of our tournaments due to prior commitments. In the end, it cost me.

Our league rules allow you to miss two tourneys without penalty, as long as you provide a substitute to play for you. Both of my subs didn't do well, with one of them finishing in last place, which didn't help.

My son received his undergrad degree on our tournament night in August and my daughter was awarded her Masters in December, again on our tourney night. I was in second place going into the final tournament, but if I missed it, I wouldn't get any points because I had already used two subs and was out of options. It so happened that my daughter's wedding rehearsal and dinner were, you guessed it, on our final tournament night.

There's no guarantee I would have won a seat, but it would have been nice to have had an opportunity.

Tonight will be our fourth tourney (of twelve) this season. My play in the first three have been disappointing, with my worst effort last month.

It was one of those evenings where nothing worked. When I receive the occasional decent starting hand, the flop would miss and I'd have to fold to a bet. My final stand was with 6 BB and K-Q soooted. I shoved and received a call from both Big Daddy and Lil' Annie Okie. Once again I whiffed the flop and turn, but thought I might have tripled up when a Q hit on the river. Unfortunately, Annie had A-Q and I was out in tenth place.

Not good.

So, a quarter of the way through our season, I find myself closer to the bottom of the standings than to the top. Tin Man is leading the pack again (he's won a seat the last two years), with Stamps and Ranger Rick close behind. CLICK HERE for complete standings.

Tin Man and Ranger Rick represented our league this past summer, with both busting out about three hours in. No cash :(

I'm hoping I got all the bad joo-joo out of my system last month and can turn things around tomorrow.

Good luck me!

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. It's still early. I haven't been hitting in freerolls lately either, but you just keep grinding...

  2. Still plenty of time to go on a heater. Good luck!