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Sunday, June 19, 2016

SNG Challenge- Race to 100

The first half of June picked up right where May left off. After a slow start to my challenge of winning 100 sit and go tournaments in the calendar year, I seem to have hit my stride.

Limited to Bovada for online play, my biggest concern was the length of the tournaments. Blind levels are 10 minutes, which is long for a SNG, and each player has 30 seconds to make a decision on their hand. It's like watching paint dry, waiting for players to act. It sometimes takes 4-5 minutes to complete one hand. Any advantage gained with the long blind levels is lost in the snail-paced play and the tournaments routinely lasted well over an hour.

Too long.

Beginning in May I started playing their "Super Turbo" tourneys. Blind levels are much shorter, but the player clock is only 15 seconds, so at least there is a rhythm to the game. The tournaments are more entertaining and are completed in around 20 minutes.

Me like!

After finishing May with 39 wins, I've picked up another dozen thus far in June, putting me on pace to reach my goal.

Results are below.

Number 40, June 1
Number 41, June 3
Number 42, June 5
Number 43, June 6
Number 44, June 9

Number 45, June 12 

 Number 46, June 12

Number 47, June 13 

Number 48, June 15 

Number 49, June 16

Number 50, June 18

Number 51, June 18

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