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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

SNG Challenge-Race to 100

After a slow start in our race to 100 sit and go tournament wins this year, May proved to be our best month of the chase. With 18 wins, bringing our total to 39, we are only slightly behind schedule to reach our goal.

We had focused on the triple up tourneys, but switched to the hyper turbo tournament this month and it resulted in more tournaments played. We spent an average of 70-75 minutes in the triple up structure. The hyper turbo structure brgins with only 500 chips, with three minute blind levels. A typical  hyper tourney runs about 20 minutes. More opportunities equals more wins.

And the challenge continues.

Results below.


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  1. I understand the speed of the hyper turbos allows you to play more often but based on chips and blind levels, doesn't it become more of a luck/shovefest type of game? Have you compared your win rate in the triple ups vs your win rate in the turbos? I'm sure the triple ups have a better rate but is the volume of the turbos making up for a lower win rate? Personally I prefer the triple ups over the turbos just because of the structure.