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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vegas or Bust Poker League- Season 3

We began the third season of our Vegas or Bust Poker League last Friday. At stake is two seats to the 2015 WSOP in Vegas. Included in both packages is the buy-in, round trip airfare, and hotel.

I have been fortunate to win a seat in the first two seasons, so my goal is to hit the trifecta!

We have the same line-up again this season with one exception. Dealer Larry dropped out and was replaced by his Dad, Ollie the Accountant. Ollie played in our first season and narrowly missed winning a seat.

We had some big hands early as Ranger Rick and Stamps got it all in on the second level of blinds. Stamps flopped a straight and Rick two pair. The board didn'r pair and Rick was the first casualty of the new season.

Big Daddy was next to go, followed by Ollie, who had a straight flush to the jack early in the tourney. Play was tight and it was a while before anyone else was eliminated. Unfortunately for Stamps, he was unable to hold on to the chips he won from Rick and was knocked out in seventh.

Bobby Dee was next to fall on his sword, then J-Dawg received his toe-tag. One of our season 2 winners, Lil' Annie Okie went out in fourth.

Blinds were huge at this point ($500-1000 with only $15,000 in play), so the game was pretty much bingo at this point. You just had to get decent cards, shove it in, and hope for the best.

I was able to felt Philly Phanatic, but lost a coin toss to Tin Man when his pocket eights beat my two overs.

I was disappointed I didn't win the tournament, but I was pleased to get off to a good start. Only 11 more to go!

CLICK HERE for the league standings.

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. dont u read P3's blog. use his tourney tips 1) consume mass quantities of cheap beer aka miller lite 2) eat at a high end restuarant like Ruth's steakhouse(in texas WHATABURGER) 3)get dealt aces( a lot) 4) blackout. rinse and repeat.

    1. YES! on the Whataburger, but the beer would have to be Pearl (or maybe Texas Pride).

  2. How much does each player contribute monthly/for the year to participate?

    1. $40 a month per player. Both winners receive $2,400, which is enough for a buy-in to a $1K tourney, plus airfare and hotel for a few nights (unless you stay on strip the whole time).

    2. Thanks Lucki - I started doing math in my head today... :P 1k for 2 players, plus airfare, plus hotel... :)

  3. so my goal is to hit the trifecta

    Go for it!