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Saturday, May 24, 2014

One Saturday in Texas

My daughter M2 asked me several weeks ago if I would teach her how to shoot a shotgun. Although she had shot a pistol, she had never fired a shotgun (I know, I'm a terrible parent).

We headed out this morning to our 20 acres of heaven, which we affectionately call "Belly Achers," for a day of shooting and fishing. Also in tow were her boyfriend Ben and Sonny Boy. 

We used a styrofoam plate as a target and after a short course in gun safety, M2 was ready to line up her first shot.

I brought my old 16ga Ithaca pump to break her in. The Ithaca is a smooth shooting gun with a minimal kick to it. She also fired a few rounds with Ben's 12ga Browning.

Although she missed the target on her first shot, she peppered the target on her second try. Success!

Sonny Boy wanted to try my Ithaca too and hit the bulls-eye on his first try.

We then took turns firing Sonny Boy's 75 year old Russian made rifle. That one didn't have a stock pad and provided quite a kick. And a bruised shoulder.

Sonny Boy with his rifle.
Once the last shot was fired, we decided to wet a few hooks. Between us we caught about 20 fish, mostly bluegill, but also a few bass. 

Sonny Boy, Ben, and M2.
M2 caught the most fish, but Papa Duck caught the biggest one with a top water lure. 

First fish!

Biggest fish!
 A fun day with my kiddos at a time when I needed it :)


  1. WHAT people using firearms as a pastime and having a good time.dont tell michael bloomberg.

  2. Ah yes, the Mosin-Nagant 91/30...killer of Nazis and bruiser of shoulders since 1930. I shot mine - three times. Then my arm fell off.

    1. Sonny Boy was wondering aloud how many Nazis may have been on the business end of his Mosin when he acquired it. It's a nice shooting gun. I hit the bulls-eye on my first shot and observed how it would be a good time to quit. Unfortunately, I didn't follow my instincts and today my left shoulder is shouting, "DUMBASS!"