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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Texas Lottery Chronicles- "Cash Club"

Due to overwhelming demand from angerisagift (whose ovaries are on overload), it's time for another epic scratch off lottery ticket update.

The fifth ticket in our chronicle series is titled "Cash Club." The ticket has 12 games, with a grand prize of $100,000. Nice!

Odds of winning a prize on the ticket is about 4-1 against, but I'm 0 for 4 thus far, so this must be the one...right?

The object of Cash Club is to match symbols on any of the games to win the prize. If you get a "club" symbol, your prize doubles, and if you're lucky enough to get a "stack of cash" symbol your prize triples!

Let's get started, shall we?

There are four lines with three games per line, so I'll scratch one line at a time and see if anything hits.

Games 1 thru 3 didn't provide any matches, with $1,000 the largest prize. Where's the "stack of cash" symbol when you need it? On to line 2.

After scratching off the second line, I not only didn't match any symbols in any of the games, I now haven't matched any of the 12 symbols showing.

This is getting depressing.

Line 3 is revealed and now we are a perfect 0-18 on matched symbols. BOO!!!

Time to take a look at our last chance...line 4.

Well, well, well, game 10 finally provides a cash. Two lemons are revealed for a $10 win.


Hopefully, it's the start of better things to come.

Think I'll take it in ones. Make me feel richer :)

Tickets                        5
Winners                      1
Investment             $25.00
Winnings                  $10.00
Net                        ($15.00)