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Thursday, April 3, 2014

"April Fools Dad!"

When I opened our office Tuesday morning and walked into the reception area, I noticed the door to my office was closed. I never leave it closed, so I started looking around the reception area to see if our computer and other electronics were still there. Nothing seemed to be missing, so I eliminated a break-in and proceeded to s-l-o-w-l-y open the door to my office.

This is what I found.

My first thought was, "What the hell?"

Then I realized it was April Fool's Day and I had been visited by my two kids, who had blown up all the balloons you see here, plus the ones you don't see on the back side of my desk.

It was pretty funny, but took a while to clean up. There were a lot of balloons to pop and a lot of rubber to sweep up after murdering the colorful spheres. Although the tidying up was a time consuming project, I couldn't help but think about how long it took M2 and Sonny Boy to blow up all these balloons, just to get a giggle from their Dad. That's pretty special folks, and that's one of the things that makes having a family so worthwhile.

Both my kiddos are doing well, with my daughter working on her Masters in Psychology. She has attended several seminars in the last few weeks, presenting her research projects. The picture below is her latest from last week. The hand gesture is a "school thing."

Sonny Boy is nearing his undergrad degree, also in psychology. He's tutoring at the school and working at Toys-R-Us on weekends.

Although they've grown into adults and I'm proud of them both, I still picture them as much younger and in need of dear 'ol Dad's direction and advise. Maybe not so much anymore.

But, if they think enough of me to pull off this April Fool's prank, I must have done something right :)


  1. It's a blessing to have kids who turn out well.

  2. Congrats - they both seem like great kids with bright futures. I agree completely; you must have done SOMETHING right!


  3. Yeah -- this thing about having kids who are now adults isn't half bad. : o )