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Monday, February 3, 2014

NFL Picks Contest- It's MOJO, Back2Back!

It's Memphis MOJO's world and we're just in it.

I described MOJO in an earlier post, and it seems like a good time to revive it:
We all thought we knew Memphis MOJO. Much like Clark Kent is a mild mannered reporter working for the Daily Planet, MOJO is the mild mannered bridge and poker player from western Tennessee.

Little did we know that he was born on the planet KickUrAss, and when he looks in the mirror he sees a testosterone fueled, macho, Chuck Norris stunt double that will lay a three sixty roundhouse flying monkey kick to your ass that will cause you to have to part your hair in order to take a dump.

While you and I pour over stats and tendencies trying to pick winners, black belt, super-ninja MOJO is at the gym slammin' the pecs and making the ladies all tingly. After a quick stop at the tat parlor for a touch up, MOJO mounts his Harley and winds it out on his way back to his bad-ass man cave to concentrate on his pick. Using his super-ninja powers, he enters a trance-like state and with his superior mental discipline, focuses on the big winner for the week.
Much like the Seahawks, MOJO blows open a close contest to take the trophy, a brand new tee shirt or sweat shirt with the logo of his favorite NFL team. Unlike Seattle, MOJO has defended his title, so not even the Seahawks are his equal.

Since MOJO already owns a Tennessee Titans shirt from last year, I'll open up the prize chest and let him pick his favorite baseball or basketball team. I think I'm personally providing MOJO's wardrobe :)

MOJO's favorite baseball team is the Cardinals and basketball team is the Grizzlies. I guess that means that even super-ninja MOJO isn't perfect. (Just kidding Ninja...don't hit me!)

All kidding aside, congratulations MOJO. Picking NFL games ain't easy and you have proved worthy of the task.

Thank you to all who participated. We'll do it again in September.

Here are the final standings in the NFL Picks Contest;

MOJO -                                400+ 45= 445 pts.
Full House538-                         370+0= 370 pts.
TwoMinuteWarning-               395- 35= 360 pts.
angerisagift-                           312+ 45= 357 pts
OneAndDone                         381- 35= 346 pts.
lightning36-                             376- 35= 341 pts.
Vegas Vic-                              338- 35= 303 pts.
Coach-                                   330- 35= 295 pts..
Captain Crunch-                     293- 35= 258 pts.
Music City Momma-               204+45= 249  pts.
cokeboy99-                            146- 35= 111 pts.

Here are the Super Bowl results;

lightning36- Denver (L 8-43)= (35) pts.
TwoMinuteWarning- Denver (L 8-43)= (35) pts.
Full House538- No Pick= 0 pts.
Music City Momma- Seattle (W 43-8)= 45 pts.
Coach-  Denver (L 8-43)= (35) pts.
MOJO-  Seattle (W 43-8)= 45 pts.
Vegas Vic- Denver (L 8-43)= (35) pts.
Captain Crunch- Denver (L 8-43)= (35) pts.
cokeboy99- Denver (L 8-43)= (35) pts.
OneAndDone- Denver (L 8-43)= (35) pts.
angerisagift- Seattle (W 43-8)= 45 pts.


  1. Thanks for the contest! All hail MOJO!!!

  2. Well, you know what always floats to the top!

    Yes, Ivory; Pure Ivory

    Wadja think I was gonna say?

  3. Ho hum, another year another shirt. Seriously, thanks to LuckiDuck for running a fun contest.

  4. Congratulations MOJO! Thank you for hosting the contest once again Mr. Duck. I can't believe that I was ever leading this contest (don't look up at the scoreboard)... ;)

  5. Congrats to MOJO....

    As for you, Duck...ahem. Last time I take your pick! I followed your advice, actually bet the game and.....well you know. I am now a broken man.

  6. Shirt arrived today -- BIG thanks. I plan to take a pic and post something on my blog, but I don't have WiFi where I am, so not sure when that will be.

    1. Glad the post office didn't let me down :)

      Once again, congrats!