Current Lines

Saturday, October 12, 2013

NFL Picks Contest-This Week's Picks

Here are the picks for this week's NFL Picks Contest. Looks like a "Rocky Mountain High" day around here. Except for cokeboy99 who is "Sleepless in Seattle."

lightning36- Denver
TwoMinuteWarning- Denver
Grange95- Denver
Full House- Denver
Music City Momma- Denver
Coach- Denver
MOJO-  Denver
Vegas Vic- Denver
Captain Crunch- Denver
cokeboy99- Seattle
One&Done- Denver
angerisagift- Denver
Tino- Denver

Good luck!!!


  1. Something has to be done about this colluding against poor Cokeboy.

  2. things to do in denver when u r dead is a good movie i was hoping most ppl already took the donkeys earlier . RATS