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Thursday, October 31, 2013

MLB Picks- Season Wrap Up

Another MLB season came to an end last night with the Red Sox hoisting the trophy. Quite a turnaround for them from a year ago.

Although last night's bet was a push, I managed to book another winning season, which is always a good thing!

Spring training is only 4 months away. For those who are interested, the Dodgers are the early favorite to win it all next year, paying 5-1. Detroit is 8-1, St. Louis 10-1, and Boston 12-1.

I'm not sure what the odds are on my Astros, but I'll have to assume they're a little longer than the ones listed here.  Oh well, hope springs eternal.

Starting Bankroll                          $1,500.00
Profit/Loss                                     $195.00
Final Bankroll                              $1,695.00

See ya next year!


  1. The Chicago teams lost a combined 195 games this past season. Thank goodness it is finally over!

    1. always next year. 200. they can do it. i like this blog responsible gambling and shows how hard it is to make a profit at sports gambling

    2. I think the Astros lost that many on their own.