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Friday, June 7, 2013

Last Day in Vegas

Ms. Duck and I will catch a big aluminum tube with wings and head home later today. We've been in Vegas for 11 days and are ready to get back to our familiar surroundings.

It's been a great trip! Cashing in a WSOP event, having a winning week and a half at both the sportsbooks and poker tables, renewing friendships and making new ones. I'm definitely running good!

We had dinner last night with lighting36 and Rob, at le' Burger at Paris. When we finished, Ms. Duck went back to the hotel to pack as lightning drove me to the Luxor, where we met Rob and pillaged the other runners at the table with our superior blogger poker skills :)

I'll have a full trip report in the next few days.

Viva Las Vegas!


  1. Great time last nite with you, the Mrs, and the very generous Lightning guy. But you missed the best part. After you left I won a huge pot with....wait for it....the dreaded pocket Kings!

    Guess you'll read all about it when I have a chance to blog it.

    Great meeting you guys!

    1. Pocket kings? I'd have to see it to believe it!

  2. superior blogger poker skills

    That something like "Military Intelligence" isn't it?

  3. Glad your trip was profitable and eventful.
    I'll catch you next time!

  4. I was hoping to meet you and Ms. Duck. Sorry I whiffed.

    1. Yeah, I was disappointed you couldn't make dinner, but glad for the reason.

  5. Nice group of "friends" I brought together. Wonderful system: I win money from other players and redistribute it to my "friends."

    I will have fun posting about the poker session at Luxor.