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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Green Valley Ranchin'

Green Valley Ranch

After a quick lunch at the Earl of Sandwich at Planet Hollywood, Ms. Duck and I drove to Green Valley Ranch with a couple stops along the way... Walmart and Kohls.

Livin' large in Vegas!

I had a good day at the Sportsbook, but not so much at the poker table.

I was up pretty good before losing two big pots, going busto on the last one and limped away with a $100 bruise to show for it.

The first was Rob's favorite hand (K-K). Two limpers in front of this 1-2 NLHE game, so I popped it to $10. One caller and I saw a J-8-2 rainbow flop. The villain checked and I tossed in a $15 bet, which he called. A 6 on the turn was checked to me again, so I bet $30 more. A harmless 4 on the river was checked, so I made a $45 value bet, hoping to keep in what I thought was an A-J hand. I got the call I wanted, but was shown J-4 for two pair.

Well played sir.

After building my stack back to a respectable level, my final hand of the night was A-A. The kid to my left had enough alcohol in his system that he was raising every hand, trying to give away money. One limper in front of him and sure enough, he raised to $10. I three bet $25, hoping to keep at least one player in (preferably him). One lady called the $25 and the kid also came along. A king high flop had two hearts, so after both players checked, I pushed $65 forward with only the lady at the other end of the table calling. An offsuit 7 on the turn was checked to me again, so I push ed my remaining $70 in, putting her on a flush draw. She called and flipped over T-6 of hearts. Brilliant call preflop don't cha think? As expected, the heart hit on the river and I was outta there and looking for something to eat.

Well played ma'am.

One interesting hand featured an all-in on the turn. When the players tabled their cards. it was quad tens versus a Royal Flush draw. The bad-beat jackpot at the time was a little over $105K, some of which would come to moi if it hit. Obviously, the river was a whif or this paragraph would be at the top, but it was exciting for a moment.

I don't know what our plans are for today (Ms. Duck hasn't told me), but I imagine we'll stay off the strip for the weekend and stick to the outlying casinos.

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. Both hands - J 4 and 10 6... "Oh, I limped in for 2, so SURE, I'll call 10 or 25..." Viva Las Vegas...

  2. Replies
    1. Apparently. My game just isn't strong enough to play big hands like T-6 soooted.

  3. Are you guys staying at GVR right now? The PQ and I will spend a little time there next month. Bad luck Lucki, especially the second hand. Really J4 and 10-6 are excellent hands to call a raise and a reraise with. They were trying to give it away Lucki, the poker gods must have thought it was me at the table.

    1. This is our third time to stay at GVR and we really like it. Nice casino, good buffet and café, nice sports book and poker room. What's not to like?