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Monday, January 6, 2020

NFL Picks Contest- Wild Card Weekend Results

Here are the Wild Card Week results.

4th And Long- New Orleans (L 20-26)
TwoMinuteWarning- New Orleans (L 20-26)
Music City Momma- New Orleans (L 20-26)
MOJO- New Orleans (L 20-26)
Vegas Vic- New England (L 13-20)
Captain Crunch- New Orleans (L 20-26)
Rob- New Orleans (L 20-26)
OneAndDone- New England (L 13-20)
Wide Right- New Orleans (L 20-26)
mrben09- New Orleans (L 20-26)

Here are the current standings:

Music City Momma- 15+53+35+30+35+16+19+23+25+46+17+27+41+23+30+26+13-(6)=468
Vegas Vic- 11+28+26+30+35-(2)+20+32+16+46+17+13+41+23+37+26+42-(7)=434
Captain Crunch- 28+53+26+30+35+16+20+32+25-(4)+17+27+41+15+31-(14)+42-(6)=414
TwoMinuteWarning- 15+28+35+30+35+16+20+24+16-(4)+20+49+13+23+31+26+42-(6)=413
mrben09- 59+53+35+30+35-(2)+20+24+25-(15)+17+27-(8)+15+31+20+41-(6)=401
Wide Right- 24+53+35+30+36+16+19+23+25-(15)+20+13+41+23+30-(14)+42-(6)=395
4thAndLong- 59+28+35+30+36-(2)+20+24+16-(15)+17+13+13+23+37+26+13-(6)=367
OneAndDone- 11+16+26-(15)+35+16+20+32+25+46+44+13+13+15+37-(14)-(3)-(7)=310
Grange95- 11+53+35+30+36-(2)+28+24+16+18+18-(3)+41+0+0+0+0+0=305
MOJO- 15+53+35+30+36-(2)+20+24+0-(4)+17+13-(8)-(14)-(7)-(14)+41-(6)=230
Rob- 28+16+26-(15)+35+16+20+24+25-(15)+14+13-(8)+15-(7)-(14)+20-(6)=187

The playoffs have begun. ALL playoff games (including Saturday games) are eligible for the contest.

All-time record score: 515 pts- cokeboy99 (2014-15 season)

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