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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

"The Dreaded Pocket Kings," at 4 AM

It was well past my bedtime last night when Hossein Ensan defeated Dario Sammartino in the WSOP Main Event to pocket a cool $10m.

How could we not think of our friend Rob when Ensan turned over "the dreaded pocket kings," as he calls them? All he had to do was fade Sammartino's 12 outs, which he did when a harmless queen of clubs hit on the river.

It must have been an exciting moment, one that very few poker fans saw due to the late hour when it happened, 4 am in Texas to be precise.

Coverage of the final table has been a pet peeve of mine. It seems there should be a better way to schedule it. Currently, the FT is shown over three nights. The first night lasts until three players are eliminated, the second night another three, and the third they play until a winner is crowned (or bracelet-ed). The first two nights do not begin until 9 pm Central, with the final night starting at 8. 

That's too late.

Here's a thought; start it earlier. How about 8 pm Eastern each night, that's 5 in Las Vegas. Surely the players can make it to the Rio by late afternoon. Instead of playing until a certain number of players are eliminated, what about limiting play to four hours per night? Even old fogies like me could stay up watch all the hands. And if it takes the FT five nights rather than three to come to a conclusion, who cares?

Wouldn't it be more fun if we could see the final hand live, rather than reading about it the next day? 

It would also better promote the game we love.

Congratulations Hossein Ensan, it must have been an exciting moment. Sorry I missed it.


  1. You can always record it and watch it the next day to skip commercials. Even an old person can figure this out.

  2. I agree with you, sir. I was trying to stay awake for the end. Fell asleep and woke back up to see it. Sort of like how MLB starts some World Series games way too late.

    As for recording it ... if I dont see a sports event live, I don't feel motivated to watch it on tape. My wife is still waiting for me to finish watching Super Bowl XXIII on tape. Thirty years and counting ... 😁