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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

NFL Picks Contest-Wild Card Week Results

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All playoff games (including the Saturday games) are eligible.

Here are the Wild Card Week results:

TwoMinuteWarning- Jacksonville (W 10-3)
Music City Momma- Jacksonville (W 10-3)
MOJO- Kansas City (L 21-22)
Vegas Vic- LA Rams (L 13-26)
Captain Crunch- Kansas City (L 21-22)
Ace- Tennessee (W 22-21)
4th And Long- LA Rams (L 13-26)
Rob- LA Rams (L 13-26)
OneAndDone- Jacksonville (W 10-3)
Wide Right- Jacksonville (W 10-3)
lightning36- Jacksonville (W 10-3)

Here are the current standings;

4thAndLong- 19+35+13+38+37+26+20+33+38+13+13+38+19+27+37+13+30-(13)=436 pts.
Music City Momma- 13+35+13+38+37-(3)+19+33+38+36+13+38+19-(7)+22+19+30+17=410 pts.
OneAndDone- 13+35+13+38+37+26+13+33+38+36+13+38+19-(7)+22+19-(4)+17=399 pts.
Rob- 13+35+13-(6)+37-(13)+20+33+38+36+13+38+19+27+37+26+30-(13)=383 pts.
TwoMinuteWarning- 19+35+13+38+16+26-(13)+33+38+24+13+38+30-(7)+22+13-(4)+17=377 pts.
MOJO- (-22)+35+13+38+37-(3)+20+33+0+36+35+38+19+27+37+0+30-(1)=372 pts.
Vegas Vic- 13+35+13+19+13+12+19+27+30+36+22+28+17-(7)+37+13+23-(13)=337 pts.
Wide Right- 13+35+13-(6)+37-(3)+19+27+38+36+22+28+30-(7)+22+13-(4)+17=330 pts.
Captain Crunch- 13+35+13-(6)+37-(3)+20+27+30+24+13+24+17-(7)+37+19+23-(1)=315 pts.
Ace- 13+35+13+38-(21)-(3)+13+20+13+14+35+38+21+0+13+31+30+11=314 pts.
lightning36- 16+13+13+9-(21)-(3)+40+33+38+13+22+38+30+27+22-(11)+14+17=310 pts.

All-time record score: 515 pts- cokeboy99 (2014-15 season)

Thanks for playing.

Division Playoff picks are due before kickoff of the first game on Saturday. All games are eligible.

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