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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Vegas or Bust Poker League

The fifth season of our Vegas or Bust Poker League wraps up on April 14th. We began last May, playing one tournament per month, and will send the two players with the most points to Las Vegas to play in the WSOP this summer.

I have run bad through most of the season, seemingly never catching a break. I generally play tight during the early portion of tournaments, waiting for the other players to knock each other out. My problem this season was that whenever a short stack would get his or her chips in the middle, they would almost always win. Then the blind levels would get high and when I pushed it seems I would always lose, regardless who had the best hand going in. I don't know how many times I had the best of it going in and lost, but it was well above the norm.

Like I said, running bad.

Going into last month's tournament I was 6 points "out of the money," and needed quite a few things to go right in order to have any chance at winning a seat. You receive a point for each position you finish in the tournament. First place is worth 10 points, second 9, third 8, etc. Stamps has run away with the first seat, so the other nine of us are playing for the remaining seat. There were several players between me and second place, so I needed to win the tournament and hope all of them bust out early.

I knocked out Thom first, and he was one of the players ahead of me. He pushed with a K-Q offsuit and I called with A-K off. Through most of the season I would lose here, even though I had a dominate hand. I was waiting for the Q to hit the board to send me home, but we both paired the king and my hand held.

"Maybe things will finally go my way," I thought.

By the time the smoke cleared at the end of the evening, I had knocked out all the players in front of me, including Tin Man, who was second in the league, and was able to win the tournament.

My win was worth 10 points, and combined with Tin Man's seventh-place finish, left us tied for second place with one tournament left. The standings are close, with several players in contention for the second seat, but Tin Man will be the one in my cross-hairs. I'm hoping my new found "run good" will stay with me one more time!

CLICK HERE for the latest standings.

Till next time, win the flips.


  1. Good luck! But ... haven't you been winning almost every year? This might come back to haunt you some day.

    btw -- I noticed that several comments I have made in the past few months weren't posted. Don't know if they didn't get there, if you're not checking or what.