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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

NFL Picks Contest-Final Results

Congratulations to Music City Momma, who showed the men how it's done! Your Titans shirt is on the way.

MCM led wire-to-wire and would have had a perfect season had the Falcon's coaching staff not forgotten how to call a running play on their last drive.

Also, a shout out to defending champion Captain Crunch who represented well with his second place finish.

Thank you to everyone who played along. See you here again next fall!

Super Bowl results.

lightning36- New England (W 34-28)
TwoMinuteWarning- Atlanta (L 28-34)
Music City Momma- Atlanta (L 28-34)
Coach- Atlanta (L 28-34)
MOJO-  Atlanta (L 28-34)
Vegas Vic- New England (W 34-28)
Captain Crunch- New England (W 34-28)
Rob- Atlanta (L 28-34)
4thAndLong- New England (W 34-28)
OneAndDone- Atlanta (L 28-34)

Here are the final standings;

Music City Momma 29+29+24+21+28+39+24+26+15+13+20+17+26+13+38+48+16+28+28+33-(6)= 509 pts.
Captain Crunch- 19+43+16-(4)+28+28-(11)-(10)+15+13+25+17+26+38+30+48+16+28+28+29+16= 439 pts.
OneAndDone- 19+17+31-(4)+30+12+24+26+15+13+25+17+26-(5)+38+48+16+28+28+29-(6)= 427 pts.
Rob- 16+29+24+21+28+28-(3)-(10)+15+13+17+17+26+13+38+48+16+28+28+29-(6)= 415 pts.
4thAndLong- (-2 )+29+16+21+28+28-(3)-(10)+35-(7)+23+17+26-(5)+38+48+31+28+28+29+16= 414 pts.
Vegas Vic- (-2)+29+31-(16)+28+12-(3)+26-(5)+13+23+17+26+17+38+48+31+28+28+29+16= 414 pts.
MOJO- 12+29+16-(3)+30+39-(3)+18-(5)+13+0+17+26+13+38+48+13+28+28+33-(6)= 384 pts.
TwoMinuteWarning- 12+17+16-(16)+30+12-(11)-(10)(5)+13+23+38+26+13+38+48+16+28+28+29-(6)= 339 pts.
mrben09- 12+29-(12)-(16)+28+28-(3)+26+35+13+23+38+26+38+38+31+0+0+0+0+0= 334 pts.
lightning36- 12-(6)-(13)-(16)+28-(15)+24+26+35-(7)+23+16+26-(5)+38+48+13+28+28+29+16= 328 pts.
Coach- (-2)+15-(15)+30-(1)-(15)+21+16+35-(7)+17+24+26+13+38+48+12+28+28-(23)-(6)= 282 pts.
Grange95- (-2)-(6)-(5)-(4)+17-(15)+16-(10)+35+13+20+17+24+38+0+18+20+0+13-(23)+0= 166 pts.
Ace (-2)-(6)-(12)+21+30+12+21-(10)+15+32+16+24+20+13+13-(21)+0+0+0+0+0= 166 pts.

All-time record score: 515 pts- cokeboy99 (2014-15 season)

Thanks for playing.

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