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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NFL Picks Contest, Week 1 Results and Standings

Here are the Week 1 results and standings in the NFL Picks Contest.

Seven way tie for first. Those of you who picked Dallas, Romo and Eli made sure Christmas came early for you!

lightning36- Green Bay (W 31-23)
TwoMinuteWarning- Denver (W 19-13)
Grange95- Dallas (W 27-26)
cokeboy99- Green Bay (W 31-23)
Music City Momma- Dallas (W 27-26)
Coach- Dallas (W 27-26)
Jo-Ann- Houston (L 20-27)
MOJO-  Green Bay (W 31-23)
Vegas Vic- Green Bay (W 31-23)
Captain Crunch- Green Bay (W 31-23)
4th & Long- Green Bay (W 31-23)
One&Done- Dallas (W 27-26)
angerisagift- Miami (W 17-10)
mrben09- Green Bay (W 31-23)

Here are the current standings;

cokeboy99- 18 pts.
MOJO-  18 pts.
Vegas Vic- 18 pts.
Captain Crunch- 18 pts.
lightning36- 18 pts.
mrben69- 18 pts.
4th & Long- 18 pts.
angerisagift- 17 pts.
TwoMinuteWarning- 16 pts.
OneAndDone- 11 pts.
Coach- 11 pts.
Music City Momma- 11 pts.
Grange95- 11 pts.
Jo-Ann (-7 pts.)

Thanks for playing.

Week 2 picks are due by Saturday at 6pm (CDT). Only Sunday and Monday games are eligible.

Good luck!

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  1. iam going with my 420 darkhorse LOCK OF THE WEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!