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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Texas Lottery Chronicles- "Holiday Magic"

Welcome to another adventure in minus EV gambling, otherwise known as the Texas Lottery.

Today's lucky ticket is titled "Holiday Magic" and since it's the Christmas season, I decided to splurge and purchase a $10 ticket. As the old saying goes, "You gotta bet big to win big!"

Of course, my poker buddy Philly Phanatic says, "The more you bet, the more you can lose." Let's hope we don't have to use that quote again today.

The top prize in "Holiday Magic" is $250 large, which would certainly be magical. Odds of winning a prize (which includes break even prizes) is 3.17/1. Odds of hitting the big one is 690,000/1, so I guess I won't start counting my chickens just yet.

As is the case in all the scratch off tickets, you get a set of "winning numbers" (five this time), and you have to match your number with one of the prize numbers. If you match, you win that prize. Should you get a "bell" symbol, your prize amount is multiplied tenfold. Sweet! Should you reveal a wreath, then you win ALL the prizes on the ticket. SAH-WEET!!!

So, without further adieu, let's see what our numbers are, and scratch off the top line to see if we have any winners. Good luck us!

The first line looks like a loser, so let's cross our fingers and move on.

 We had a lot of big amounts on the second line, but once again we whiffed.

Four lines left, so on we go!

 Another swing and a miss on the third line, so we can safely say that the top half of the ticket sucked. Let's hope the bottom half is better.

Looks like line four is bringing more pain. The prizes are noticeably smaller, but the results are still the!

Line five is next.

The losing streak continues and we're in danger of being shut out. Not too Christmasy of the state of Texas.

And now for the final line.

More of the same. We had a shot at over $315,000 in prizes.

0 for 315,000. That's just depressing.

Till next time, hope your's is a winner!

Tickets                      10
Winners                     2
Investment             $55.00
Winnings                $15.00
Net                      ($40.00)


  1. sweeeeeet a lotto post christmas comes early

  2. Now and then I buy a Power Ball ticket. When I check later and have NONE of the winning numbers on my entry, I wonder why I bought it. Still, if you do win, the payoff can be massive, so I keep coming back.