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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Football Picks, August 10th

Another football season is kicking off, so let's test the waters.

$11 @ -110 on the OVER (36) NY Giants/Pittsburgh

Starting Bankroll         $2,000.00
Profit/Loss                   $ 0.00
Current Bankroll          $2,000.00

All picks are for entertainment purposes only with no guarantees implied. Any money wagered is at you own risk.

Good luck!


  1. r u going to do the survivor game this year?

    1. I am going to run a pick contest again this season, but it will be like the one I did after the survivor contest last year.

      Basically, you pick the winner of any game on the NFL schedule each week. You get 10 points if your team wins, plus extra points for margin of victory. If your pick loses, you get zero points for your pick and you lose points for margin of loss. Person with the most points at the end of the season wins a tee shirt.

      It was pretty popular last year, with Memphis Mojo winning it all.

      Hope you'll play!