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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Big Three-Oh!

Ms. Lucki Duck at Lake Tahoe
"So, what ya doing Friday night?"

"Umm... nothing."

"Would ya like to go out. Maybe to a movie, get sommin ta eat?"


And so it began.

I was a junior in college, she a freshman. I was working at a gameroom in the mall to help pay for my schooling and she had just started working at a kiosk that was located in front of the gameroom. She sold earrings and pierced ears to insert said earrings. Ouch!

A beauty with long auburn hair, I was instantly smitten. I had never dated a redhead before, so this could be interesting I thought!

Our first date included dinner at a restaurant/bar called the "Handlebar." I don't recall what either of us had to eat, but it's a good bet that a burger and fries were served at some point.

Health food.

After we ate, we went to see "The Muppet Movie."  Romantic, huh? But, as they say in the movies, "it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship!"

We dated for a little over a year and married on December 27, 1980. That makes today anniversary number 30.

The big three-oh!

And just as she was on that December day 30 years ago, she is still one hot redhead!

Happy Anniversary Ms. Lucki Duck!


  1. Happy Anniversary you lucky duck! :)

  2. Happy anniversary. Just something about those redheads, huh? Last girl I dated before I started dating my wife was a redhead. We'll have to talk sometime.

    Word verification: tored!

  3. You're on lightning! I'd say "tored" is a pretty good word to describe a redhead :o)

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like you hit a royal flush.

  5. You got that right MOJO! In hearts ;O)