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Monday, February 12, 2018

NFL Picks Contest- Final Standings

Here are the Super Bowl results:

TwoMinuteWarning- New England (L 33-41)
Music City Momma- New England (L 33-41)
MOJO- Philadelphia (W 41-33)
Vegas Vic- New England (L 33-41)
Captain Crunch- New England (L 33-41)
Ace- Philadelphia (W 41-33)
4th And Long- Philadelphia (W 41-33)
Rob- Philadelphia (W 41-33)
OneAndDone- New England (L 33-41)
Wide Right- New England (L 33-41)
lightning36- Philadelphia (W 41-33)

Here are the final standings;

4thAndLong- 19+35+13+38+37+26+20+33+38+13+13+38+19+27+37+13+30-(13)+15+14+18=483 pts.
Music City Momma- 13+35+13+38+37-(3)+19+33+38+36+13+38+19-(7)+22+19+30+17+15+41-(8)=458 pts.
 MOJO- (-22)+35+13+38+37-(3)+20+33+0+36+35+38+19+27+37+0+30-(1)-(3)+41+18=428 pts.
OneAndDone- 13+35+13+38+37+26+13+33+38+36+13+38+19-(7)+22+19-(4)+17+15+14-(8)=420 pts.
Rob- 13+35+13-(6)+37-(13)+20+33+38+36+13+38+19+27+37+26+30-(13)+31-(31)+18=401 pts.
TwoMinuteWarning- 19+35+13+38+16+26-(13)+33+38+24+13+38+30-(7)+22+13-(4)+17-(3)+14-(8)=380 pts.
Vegas Vic- 13+35+13+19+13+12+19+27+30+36+22+28+17-(7)+37+13+23-(13)+31+14-(8)=374 pts.
 lightning36- 16+13+13+9-(21)-(3)+40+33+38+13+22+38+30+27+22-(11)+14+17+31+14+18=373 pts.
Wide Right- 13+35+13-(6)+37-(3)+19+27+38+36+22+28+30-(7)+22+13-(4)+17-(3)+41-(8)=360 pts.
Captain Crunch- 13+35+13-(6)+37-(3)+20+27+30+24+13+24+17-(7)+37+19+23-(1)+31+14-(8)=350 pts.
Ace- 13+35+13+38-(21)-(3)+13+20+13+14+35+38+21+0+13+31+30+11-(5)-(4)+18=323 pts.

All-time record score: 515 pts- cokeboy99 (2014-15 season)

Congratulations to 4thAndLong! Email me at and let me know your shirt size and which team you prefer.

Thanks for playing again this year everyone!


  1. Thank you for running this contest, it's a lot of fun. I lost, but (Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) "I'll be baack."